EMR training housekeeping information

EMR training housekeeping information

Training is in full swing for all employees at our Clayton sites.

Training for Clayton will run from 5 August to 4 October 2019.

If you are already booked into training, we’ve prepared housekeeping information for you for Kingston, Dandenong and Clayton sites – including maps to help you find your way.

Please speak to your manager if you are not booked into training. Details can be found here for them to book via LATTE.

Top tip: Unless you’re going to be a Super User, you need to be booked into ‘EMR End User Classroom’ training, NOT ‘EMR Super User Classroom’ or ‘EMR Training Assistant’ training.

We are excited for our trainees and wish you all the best as you train for success. If you or your manager have any queries regarding your training please contact the EMR Training Team.