EMR Downtime and Downtime Recovery

Downtime is the name for a period when some or all aspects of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system are not available.


It is important that you are familiar with the EMR Downtime Practice Script, the location of your downtime viewer, your downtime box, and the procedures to be followed during a downtime and downtime recovery.


We encourage you to practice the downtime process regularly.

If a code yellow is called follow these steps:

Step 1 - Access EMR Downtime Box

The Nurse/Midwife in Charge/Manager will inform employees of the downtime and provide instructions to collect and access the Downtime Box for your area.

Step 2 - Distribute Downtime Action Cards

Access and distribute the Downtime Action Cards from the Downtime Box for each role, so employees are clear about the activities that need to occur and the order of those activities.

Step 3 - Access Downtime Viewer

NIC/MIC will access downtime viewer; a dedicated computer to view the EMR only and to be used when the EMR is unavailable. Instructions for the downtime viewer are provided in the Downtime Box.

Step 4 - Print Relevant Documents

Print the clinically relevant documents, add patient ID label (iPM). Keep forms at the end of the patient's bed, along with the downtime Medication Administration Record (MAR).

Step 5 - EMR Downtime Recovery

Nurses, midwives and doctors need to document in the EMR the information requirements on their Action Cards. Paper forms used in downtime will remain with the patient for reference post recovery.


EMR Downtime Practice Script

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for EMR

EMR Downtime Checklist