Fact Sheets and FAQs

Not sure what's what, and what's not? Our Fact Sheets and FAQs are designed to help answer your questions and provide the information you need to help you get the most out of the EMR. If you're still not sure of something, please contact us and we'll be in touch.
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2FAQsTraining FAQs April 2019Training FAQs April 2019
3FAQsGo-Live Revised Timeline FAQ April 2019Go-Live Revised Timeline FAQ April 2019
4Fact SheetGo-Live Revised Timeline Fact Sheet April 2019Go-Live Revised Timeline Fact Sheet April 2019
5FAQsDevices FAQ April 2019Devices FAQ April 2019
6Fact SheetDevices Factsheet April 2019Devices Factsheet April 2019
7FAQsGo-Live Readiness April 2019Go-Live Readiness April 2019
9Fact SheetFactsheet EMR Devices UpgradeFactsheet EMR Devices Upgrade
10FAQsBooking EMR training on Latte for managersBooking EMR training on Latte for managers
11FAQsEnrolling onto TOTO ReadersEnrolling onto TOTO Readers
12FAQsSaving EMR Website to HomescreenSaving EMR Website to Homescreen
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