CLO and PFM Update – As of Monday, 21 October at 8am, PFM will be unavailable for clinical documentation as this will now occur in the EMR. See Latest News (below) for more information.

EMR System Upgrade

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system upgrade will introduce a range of improvements and enhancements in the way we use the EMR and the data it captures. A range of Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) has been updated to reflect these changes and assist you with understanding new workflows.

  • As of Wednesday, 1 July, we’ll be introducing a range of improvements and enhancements in the way we use the EMR and the data it captures. H...

  • We have rolled out a range of improvements and enhancements within the EMR. Please ensure you make yourself familiar with the EMR System Upg...

EMR Training

For information on EMR Training requirements, and guides on how to complete EMR training and obtain EMR access, click the links below:

For more information, visit the EMR Training page.

About the EMR

“The introduction of the EMR is a fundamental step towards improved patient safety and care at Monash Health. It means our health care team will have access to accurate and up-to-date information about patients. The first phase of the EMR implementation is due to roll out in 2019, and will include using the EMR for all inpatient records. This is an exciting time, and one that we will work towards together in our relentless pursuit of excellence.”

Andrew Stripp, Chief Executive

What is the EMR?

EMR and Annual Leave

The introduction of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is all about delivering the best quality outcomes for our patients and their families. It represents a significant change in the way we work – we’ll be phasing out our inpatient paper medical records and replacing them with an electronic record where we create, store and retrieve patient information.

Patient health-related information can be gathered, managed and consulted by authorised clinicians via the EMR to deliver significant benefits to patients, clinicians and health care organisations.  The EMR can streamline workflow and improve the quality of patient care and patient safety, with timely and accurate information available when and where you need it.

For more information about the EMR, visit our Resources page or contact us.