Face-to-face training for all Clayton sites has commenced and will run from 5 August to 4 October. All employees complete your online e-Learning on LATTE before attending face-to-face training.


All employees providing patient care, at any Monash Health site, don’t forget to complete your View Only training on LATTE now!

How do I book?

Managers can roster and book their people directly onto face-to-face training via the Monash Health Learning Management System, LATTE. Follow the steps in the Bookings Quick Reference Guide here.


We will update you and your managers as soon as training schedules are finalised and uploaded for your site.


Managers who cannot see their direct reports’ names or wish to book people into training who do not report to them directly can follow the steps in the Adding Non-Reporting-Line Attendees on LATTE Guide here.


Agency and Locum employees can access LATTE and book into sessions by following instructions here.


Once booked into face-to-face training your people will receive an automated confirmation email from LATTE. The email is sent to the preferred email registered with the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal and may go to a private or work email. Everyone can change their email preference by logging into ESS.


Managers can help capture the amount of practise their staff are doing on wards by utilising the EMR proficiency record.


If you are having difficulty booking your team into training, please email the EMR Training Team.


What training do I need?


Training on the EMR is compulsory and you will not receive your login details for the EMR until you have completed your mandatory e-Learning and face-to-face training. 


All employees involved in patient care, across all sites, are required to complete their online View Only training now. This is so you can access the latest patient information when they transfer from an EMR ‘live’ site. Find out how to access your View Only training here.


We have developed a suite of training options relevant to each clinical group, with over 27 e-Learning courses and 34 face-to-face courses. These are specifically tailored to different disciplines and are based on specific workflows in your work area, so you can be prepared for a safe and smooth Go-Live.


Depending on your role, you will complete online training only (on LATTE) or face-to-face and online training.


You are required to complete your e-Learning prior to your face-to-face learning as it is an important way that you can capitalise on your classroom time fully with background knowledge and familiarity. Find out how to access your online learning here.


If you want to brush up on basic computer skills you can find out more here.


Your e-Learning videos do not need to have sound for you to complete them. Please don’t be concerned if you can’t hear anything, it is not a technical issue.


For information specific to your discipline, refer to our FAQs.


Remember, if you feel like you need additional training or support in using the EMR, help is always available. Contact the training team or speak to your manager or EMR Champion.


How do I access the training materials and Practise Domain?

In order to support your learning journey fully, there are Quick Reference Guides for you to reference and Practise Scripts and Proficiency Guides to use on the Practise Domain.


Quick Reference Guides are now available on the EMR website. You can access these learning materials and reference them at any time. Combined with your e-Learning on LATTE and Practise Domain, they will help you maintain your learning and confidence.


Instructions and scripts can be found in the ‘Practise Scripts’ and ‘Proficiency Guide’ sections below.



Your EMR learning journey is summarised below. Download the full poster for your tearoom.