For information on EMR training requirements, guides on how to complete EMR training and how to obtain EMR access, click the links below:

EMR Training


eLearning will be organised in a structure that resembles the user's workflow and is available via Monash Health’s LMS: Latte. Completion of eLearning prior to classroom training is mandatory. Users will have the ability to book their EMR classroom training via Latte.

Webinar Training

An opportunity for users to feel, experience and practice using the EMR. The EMR Webinar training will be tailored to user's specific workflows. Attendees will need access to both Cisco Webex Meetings and the Monash Health remote access portal.


In order to support your learning journey fully, there are Practise Scripts and Proficiency Guides to use on the EMR Practise Domain.

EMR Resources

The Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) are designed to take you step-by-step through different workflow tasks or processes. eCoach is a video resource built into the EMR that provides short videos based on the screen or button pressed prior to clicking on eCoach.