EMR Go-Live Update

EMR Go-Live Update

We are excited to confirm the Go-Live dates for Dandenong and Cranbourne and the planned dates for all other sites! The summary below gives you the all-important information so you can save the date.

Go-Live 1

Dandenong – 20 to 23 August 2019

Cranbourne – 26 August 2019

Go-Live 2

MMC/MCH/JMPH – Planned w/c 14 October 2019

Go-Live 3

Kingston, Casey, Moorabbin – Planned w/c 25 November 2019

Timeline poster

We’ve also prepared a timeline for you to know when training and support periods kick off to ensure you are trained and supported for a safe Go-Live.

Download it now for your information, or print and pin to your team’s noticeboard and tea rooms.


As the dates for Go-Live draw near, it is more important than ever that we each do our bit to prepare ourselves for this transformational change – the time will move quickly! Make sure to come back to the News Page for updates, take part in familiarisation activities and check the Events Page for sessions relevant to you and your team.

Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement. There will be more updates as we progress through key milestones of the program. Please contact us should you have questions or concerns.