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Go-Live 1 off to a successful start!

After many years of careful planning and intensive training, we’ve gone live with our Electronic Medical Records at Dandenong Hospital. As of 7pm tonight, we had 110 patients and consumers with records securely entered electronically. In a major milestone day for us at Monash Health,…

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EMR Go-Live 1 Daily Video Message, Tuesday 20 August

This week we go live with our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at Dandenong Hospital and Cranbourne Centre. To keep you updated with progress and achievements from each day of Go-Live, we’re bringing you a daily video message from our Chief Executive, Andrew Stripp. Special guests…

EMR Clinical Transition Training
Clinical Transition Team ready for Go-Live 1

With an important job ahead, our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) clinical transition teams have successfully completed training and are now ready for Go-Live 1. At Go-Live, clinical transition teams will be responsible for transferring inpatient medical information from paper files into the EMR. Each clinical…

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Employees providing patient care: complete EMR ‘View Only’ training today!

All employees who provide patient care, and have not completed their EMR online training, please complete the 60 minute EMR View Only training today. When the EMR is live at Dandenong and Cranbourne, inpatient, critical care and perioperative patients at these two sites will have…

Get to know your new EMR desktop icons

In preparation for the EMR Go-Live, we are excited to present to you the complete suite of desktop icons you’ll be using in the lead up to Go-Live and beyond. The ‘Live EMR’ icon links to the actual EMR where you will document patient information…

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Student placement during EMR Go-Live

As the Monash Health Electronic Medical Record (EMR) rolls out across the organisation, students from different disciplines will continue to attend placements at Monash Health. The transition to the EMR is a great opportunity for our students to develop their skills in modern healthcare practices….

Parking at EMR Go-Live sites

As EMR Go-Live 1 approaches, we would like to remind everyone that this is going to be a very busy time at our Go-Live sites. We ask for your support to limit attendance at Dandenong Hospital and the Cranbourne Centre between Monday 19 August to…

medication tablet
EMR Medication Tablet workflow

The EMR Medication Tablets will provide quick access to a patient’s medication requirements directly from the EMR. Watch the video to familiarise yourself with this new workflow in the provision of patient care. Download the poster with step-by-step instructions to use as a reference too!…

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New Go-Live resources available

We’re getting closer to rolling out the Electronic Medical Record, with Go-Live 1 starting at Dandenong and Cranbourne from Tuesday 20 August. Continue getting Go-Live ready by checking out the new Go-Live employee posters, including escalation pathways for both EMR Users and EMR Super Users….

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EMR Bar now open at Dandenong

Your one-stop-shop for EMR Go-Live 1 at Dandenong Hospital is now open. The EMR Bar is an opportunity for employees to drop in, ask questions, check their logon, collect Super User polos, and more! Come along for an opportunity to get your final items checked…

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Dandenong Maternity is feeling ‘super’ about the EMR

In the lead up to EMR Go-Live 1, we discovered something super is afoot at Dandenong Hospital’s Maternity Ward. Acting Rose Quartz Team Leader, Tania Sharrock, spent five minutes with us to explain how the Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) gained their super power status. Can…

Stay free range – save the EMR website as an ‘App’

We know that the provision of excellent patient care requires many of our people to be on the move. Never miss a beat by saving the EMR website to your smartphone home screen. It only takes a few seconds to stay free range and stay…