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Allergies and ADRs on the EMR

Allergies and ADRs should be recorded in the EMR allergy tab, creating a single source of truth for Monash Health. The information from EMR will automatically update MerlinMAP and SMR, and the ability to enter allergies and ADRs into MerlinMAP will be disabled. Please ensure…

EMR Go-Live 3 - Moorabbin Hospital - Andrea Rindt and Lisa_Featured Image
EMR Video Message, Thursday 28 November

Monash Health now has a fully integrated electronic medical record across all sites and that is a cause for celebration!

EMR Go-Live 3 - Kingston Centre - Gloria Wright_Feature Image
EMR Video Message, Wednesday 27 November

The energy and enthusiasm continued throughout the second day of Go-Live Three at Kingston Centre.

EMR Go-Live 3 - Casey Hospital - Andrew Stripp and Andrew Perta
EMR Video Message, Tuesday 26 November

Today we kicked off Go-Live 3 of the Electronic Medical Record at Casey Hospital.

Pictured L-R:Belinda Kerr (Physiotherapist)Sara Bennett (EMR People & Change Lead)Shelley Bowen (Physiotherapist)EMR super user and support crew stock images.Copyright Monash Health. Not for use without prior written permission.
Student placement during EMR Go-Live

As the Monash Health Electronic Medical Record (EMR) rolls out across the organisation, students from different disciplines will continue to attend placements at Monash Health. The transition to the EMR is a great opportunity for our students to develop their skills in modern healthcare practices….

Go-Live 3: Save the date!

We’re getting closer to rolling out the Electronic Medical Record at Casey, Kingston and Moorabbin Hospital, with Go-Live 3 starting from Tuesday 26 November.

Get your EMR Go-Live Resources

We’re getting closer to rolling out the Electronic Medical Record, with Go-Live 3 at Casey, Kingston and Moorabbin starting from Tuesday 26 November. Continue getting Go-Live ready by checking out all the amazing resources we have available for you. There’s the Go-Live employee noticeboard posters,…

EMR Super User training held at the Kingston Centre. Copyright Monash Health. Not for use without prior written permission.
EMR Training Reminder: Casey, Kingston and Moorabbin

Important reminder to employees who provide patient care at Casey, Kingston and Moorabbin, if you are not booked into face-to-face training, ask your manager to do so now via our learning management system, LATTE.

EMR Logon + FF
Logon Events and Familiarisation Fairs @ Casey, Kingston and Moorabbin

Our Casey, Kingston and Moorabbin employees can avoid Go-Live FOMO* as the three sites now have Logon Events and Familiarisation Fairs up and running.

CLO and PFM update

Please note from Monday, 21 October at 0800, PFM IQ notes will be turned off. CLO will be used for clinical handovers and huddles to get an overview of the clinical documentation in the EMR, ensuring you receive real-time patient information during handover. CLO will display…

EMR Video Message - Friday 18 October
EMR Video Message, Friday 18 October

Day Four of the EMR Go-Live at Clayton saw the transition of Monash Children’s Hospital and with it the safe transition of all inpatient records at our three hospital sites at Clayton onto the EMR.

Updates to EMR banner bar

Please be aware that we have updated the EMR Banner Bar to ensure the age of neonates under the age of 48 hours displays correctly. This creates an additional workflow step for Maternity Services. To ensure that patient age for newborns is reflected accurately in…