Allergies and ADRs on the EMR

Allergies and ADRs on the EMR

Allergies and ADRs should be recorded in the EMR allergy tab, creating a single source of truth for Monash Health.

The information from EMR will automatically update MerlinMAP and SMR, and the ability to enter allergies and ADRs into MerlinMAP will be disabled.

Please ensure that you have completed your EMR Allergy/ADR Module training on Latte and have familiarised yourself with the ‘Allergy/ADR Documentation Quick Reference Guide’ on the Monash Health EMR website.

Please be aware that Diet codes and food allergies are managed separately, as follows:

  • Diet codes to be entered in EMR in orders
  • Diet codes must be entered in iPM (as per current procedure)
  • Food allergies entered in ‘Allergies/ADR’ in EMR
  • Food allergies also entered in iPM to be in diet code report for kitchen