Go-Live Q&A

Go-Live Q&A

We talk a lot about preparing for a safe and smooth EMR Go-Live so we thought it would be useful to describe what Go-Live will look like through a quick question and answer session from a Transforming Care session earlier in the year:

1. Will we all Go-Live at the one time?

• Go-Live is not a matter of flicking a switch and putting an entire site on the EMR at once.
• Each Go-Live will be staggered over four to five days to ensure a smooth and safe clinical transition.
• We have a Go-Live team currently working on the finer details of the Go-Live plan, but in essence, it will involve transitioning one ward or clinical area at a time.
• The clinical transition at Go-Live will be covered in more detail during Frontline Manager Readiness Sessions and at follow-up sessions pre-Go-Live.

2. How will we transition patients safely?

• Patient transition onto the EMR will be a coordinated process.
• There will be a Clinical Transition Team consisting of a pharmacist, doctor and nurse. Their role will be to transition each current inpatient’s record from paper to the EMR. This will involve transcribing current inpatient data into the EMR. It’s not expected that the whole paper medical record will be transcribed, just critical information like medication.
• Coloured identification bands, stickers and signage at the bedside will make it clear which inpatients have been converted to the EMR and which are still on paper or are in a hybrid state of being partly on the EMR and partly on paper records.

3. Who will help us on the day?

• You won’t be alone – a significant amount of support will be available on site, to every ward.
• A Command Centre will be available for 24-hour support comprising Cerner partner representatives and EMR Program team members such as IT, device and communications support who will be on hand when we Go-Live.
• The Command Centre will operate from a central location, however there will be Satellite Command Centres located at each site to offer immediate support and assist communications between the site and central Command Centre.
• You will also be supported by Super Users, Champions and Cerner partner coaches on the floor.

4. I feel like I don’t know much about what’s going on with the EMR – how do I find out more?

• We want you to feel confident and comfortable with the change ahead.
• We’ve ramped up our existing communications to keep you in the loop – look out for iNews, screensavers, Portfolio Holder sessions and Transforming Care forums (many Transforming Care Forums from now until the end of Go-Live will include information about the EMR so it’s a great forum to attend for regular updates).
• We’ve also created new channels dedicated tot he EMR such as the EMR Digest and this website.
• The EMR Weekly Digest is sent to our People Leaders for distribution to their teams. If you would like to be on the mailing list please email EMRFeedback@monashhealth.org
• We use your feedback to shape our communications, so if you have questions or concerns (or good news stories!) please share them with us at EMRFeedback@monashhealth.org.

5. What if we can’t log in on day one?

• We really encourage you to attend our familiarisation activities, such as the planned Login Fair, to ensure you are as prepared as possible for Go-Live.
• Attending the Login Fair will mean your login is set to go, but if at Go-Live you have trouble logging on, your first point of call should be your local Super User who will assist and escalate the issue if necessary.
• Alternatively, you don’t have to wait until the Login Fair, the current rollout of Windows 10 means many clinical areas will have their existing devices fitted with passcard readers. You can register your passcard now for Tap-On/Tap-Off (TOTO) functionality with a device fitted out with a reader. We’ve created a QRG that you can reference here.