EMR changes in response to our COVID-19 Model of Care

EMR changes in response to our COVID-19 Model of Care

To support Monash Health’s transition to a COVID-normal Model of Care, a range of important EMR updates and changes have been implemented.

Our focus is on ensuring the EMR continues to best meet the needs of our organisation, and in particular, our continued safe COVID-19 response. The following enhancements are now available to you in the EMR:

  • A new EMR COVID-19 Dashboard
  • New alerts for SCOVID Low Risk and SCOVID Probable
  • New COVID Testing Plan Document (Autotext)
  • Updated COVID Suspected Clearance (Autotext)

Emergency Department

  • The Emergency Department medical streams will ‘risk stratify’ patients using the new terminologies according to the Model of Care Protocol.

Medical teams

Nursing and Midwives

All Disciplines

  • The COVID Dashboard will provide a view to the COVID status and simplify the management of COVID alerts, isolation status and documentation.


The EMR continues to support the safe, high quality and timely care of all patients, including during our COVID-19 response.

EMR-COVID-19 specific resources, including QRGs, workflow posters and videos are available from the COVID-19 and the EMR page on the EMR website.

If you have a technical question, please call the IT Helpdesk (option 2) or ‘log an EMR issue’ on your desktop. Remember, the usual escalation pathways for help and support still apply.