e-Learning for everyone!

e-Learning for everyone!

With Clayton training well underway, and bookings open for Casey, Moorabbin and Kingston, everyone can now complete their e-Learning on the Monash Health learning system, LATTE (Learning And Teaching Technology Environment)

Feedback from our Dandenong and Cranbourne employees included that training and familiarisation activities were a big help when it came to using the EMR at Go-Live.

Your online training is compulsory and important to complete prior to classroom training. This will give you important background information you can build on during your face-to-face sessions.

We’ve put together a quick guide to show you how to access your e-Learning and get a head start.

Download your guide now.

Your e-Learning is made up of a series of short videos and quizzes.

You don’t need sound for the e-Learning videos so don’t be concerned if you can’t hear anything.

Some of the programs will have a comprehensive number of videos, each one delivered in a short, digestible segment. Remember to take regular breaks and complete your e-Learning in sections to give you time to absorb the material. You won’t lose your place, just save and return to where you left off on LATTE.

There’s a lot of new information to learn, but there’ll be opportunities as you attend training and familiarisation activities to practise and ask questions, so you’ve got this!

If you have any queries, or have not received your confirmation for face-to-face training, please contact the EMR Training Team.

In addition to training, there are plenty of opportunities to familiarise yourself with the EMR, read up on them here.