Device advice

Device advice

We have received queries regarding the EMR device rollout and the revised Go-Live timeline. Some devices have been delivered and installed at Dandenong and Cranbourne. In fact, you may have noticed our Support Crew wearing their light blue EMR polos.

The devices that have been installed are mostly label printers that will only work when connected to the EMR devices they are paired with. If these have been delivered to your work area or ward, it’s fine to switch them off and leave them in a safe place. Please note the devices are monitored and tracked, and cannot be moved to different work areas or wards.

The remaining devices will be rolled out in alignment with the revised timeline and communications will be sent to your managers prior to this commencing. The choice of devices and accessories was guided by principles that fit the new workflows that will come into effect once the EMR is live.

If you have queries regarding devices already delivered to your work area, please contact us.