EMR System Upgrade

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Upgrade – 22 April 2021

Please read about the key changes below

    The EMR Code Upgrade will introduce updates to further benefit and support use of the EMR. There are many fixes, changes and enhancements in the new version of the EMR.
    Significant changes are summarised below. Please ensure you are familiar with these changes by referring to the relevant Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) or support materials for more detail.

What is happening?

Between the period of 00:00am – 01:30am (90mins), there will be a short outage where EMR will be unable to send and receive messages to and from other systems. All messages will be placed in a queue and received/sent after the outage.

  • Access to the EMR and all other connecting systems will not be affected.
  • Prior to the work commencing a planned Code Yellow will be called at all sites;
  • A specific planned code yellow will be called prior to commencement and conclusion of the EMR messaging outage; and
  • New changes will be visible to users from 4:40am.


Even though the EMR will be available during the upgrade, we should always prepare for an unexpected event.  All areas should ensure the Downtime Viewer checks are completed prior to the upgrade.  Refer to the EMR Business Continuity Plan and action cards in the Downtime box or via BCP for EMR on PROMPT.


Code Upgrade Highlights are:​

  • Performance improvements for cross encounter medications reconciliation process;​
  • Responsive mPages;
  • Medication safety improvements for Z Authority medications; and​
  • Resolved error messages encountered with Pharmacy workflows.

Maintaining an up-to-date code level ensures the EMR can support new functionality that will be introduced in the Victorian Heart Hospital and enable future improvements including but not limited to:

  • Medication cabinets;​
  • Smart pump and medication cabinet integration; and​
  • Responsive mPages.​

Significant Changes

Significant changes to the following EMR areas are as follows:

  • Clinical Leader Organiser (CLO), Doctor Worklist and Pharmacy Care Organiser Enhancements:
    • Filtering;
    • Expand to 3 rows to view 3 patient identifiers;
    • Horizontal Scrolling;
    • Customisation of columns/rows; and
    • Ability to select multiple patients.
  • Care Compass:
    • Icon and colour changes
  • Pharmacy Workflow Enhancements:
    • New pop-up message when planning a taper medication in transfer reconciliation screen;
    • New hyperlinks in Medication Clinical Decision Support screen and Medication Administration Wizard; and
  • Application wide look and feel changes providing a more user-friendly system and a more ‘modern’ look.

For more EMR resources, please refer to the emrmonashhealth.org webpage resources for other QRGs, videos, practise scripts and workflow posters.