Super Users and Champions

What is a Super User?


An EMR Super User is your ‘go-to’ during the Go-Live period. They’ll provide you with on-the-floor support when and where you need it. Super Users have been specifically trained in using and supporting others to use the EMR in a clinical setting and are considered ‘supernumerary’ which means they will work in addition to rostered employees. During Go-Live, they’ll provide a link between employees using the EMR and our Command Centre, which will resolve any technical and ‘how to’ issues.


Super Users will play an important part in the safe and successful implementation of the EMR. They will remain in their Super User role during Go-Live and for a period post-Go-Live.


You’ll meet your designated Super Users closer to Go-Live and they’ll be easily recognisable, wearing distinctive lime green polos. There will be Super User support and representation across all disciplines. Please note, the EMR team is responsible for rostering Super Users onto your wards/clinical areas.


What is a Champion?


An EMR Champion is someone who is part of your team and able to support you in using the EMR beyond Go-Live. They have had additional training to ensure they can help trouble-shoot any issues and identify additional training requirements.


Champions play a pivotal role in the successful implementation of the EMR, now and into the future. They will remain in their usual role while acting as a Champion.


You’ll meet your local Champions closer to Go-Live and they’ll be easily recognisable wearing a badge. Champions include employees across disciplines including, nursing, midwifery, medical, allied health, clerical, pharmacy and other areas of the organisation.