Our Go-Live timeline is:



Dandenong and Cranbourne – Complete



MMC/MCH/JMPH – Complete



Kingston, Casey, Moorabbin – Planned w/c 25 November 2019

Find out when each ward will Go-Live here.

We are committed to ensuring our Go-Live is safe and seamless. To deliver on this, we have identified four key objectives:


  • Go-Live is controlled and safe for our patients and employees.
  • Governance and communication are well defined.
  • Issues management and escalation pathways are well defined.
  • We can return to our usual operating rhythm as soon as possible after Go-Live.


An important part of the Go-Live implementation will involve three key support functions:


Super Users and Champions

Super Users are an additional resource who will provide support to you throughout the entire Go-Live period and for three weeks following. They will be available to provide on-the-floor assistance, 24/7.


Champions are members of your team who will be trained to Super User level, and will continue in their usual role. Champions will be able to provide support to you on an ongoing basis beyond the Go-Live and post-Go-Live periods.


Read more about Super Users and Champions here.


Centralised Command and Satellite Command Centres

Command Centre support will consist of a Centralised Command Centre and on-site Satellite Command Centre. These support hubs are responsible for ensuring everything goes to plan. The Centralised Command Centre will be made up of technical, clinical and communications experts, and will operate  24/7 during the Go-Live period to support Super Users and Champions with troubleshooting any issues, provide Patient Safety assurance and support the on-site Satellite team.


Clinical Transition Team

The Clinical Transition Team, made up of a pharmacist, doctor and nurse, will transcribe selected inpatient data from their paper record into the EMR. Once existing inpatients’ information has been transitioned onto the system, the ward and area unit employees can begin to use the EMR.