EMR Program Update

Testing, testing

EMR Program Update

The welcome news that we have completed the Integration Testing phase was communicated to all employees via email last week. This substantial body of work is vital to be able to produce a fit-for-purpose, safe and stable EMR.

The work involved in completing this phase is impressive. Here are the stats:

– A team of just over 30 people,
– Rose to the challenge of executing over 10,000 test scripts,
– Worked through 272 clinical workflows,
– Tested the integration of the EMR with 16 existing Monash Health systems, and
– Resolved issues to gain a 97.7% test script pass rate.

Executive Director, Digital Health Emilio Pozo commented on this milestone achievement, “I’d like to congratulate the EMR Program Team of Clinical Application and Integration Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, and Medical Advisors for their diligence and determination to get this substantial job done and get it done well.”

Now that this important phase of testing is complete, we are in a better position to confidently confirm the revised Go-Live timeline with you within the next fortnight.

As you can appreciate, there is still much to do, and many activities are being designed to support and train you for the EMR so please be sure to stay informed by accessing our calendar of events for the latest sessions and familiarisation activities. More are being added weekly.

We also always welcome your feedback at EMRFeedback@monashhealth.org