Dandenong and Cranbourne devices delivered…Clayton, it’s your turn

Dandenong and Cranbourne devices delivered…Clayton, it’s your turn

Dandenong and Cranbourne have received the final delivery and installation of EMR devices, including new Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) and laptops on trolleys.

With this full complement of new EMR devices, and inpatient clinical area device upgrades, Dandenong and Cranbourne are on the Go-Live 1 starting blocks.

Our Clayton sites are not far behind with the delivery of EMR devices commencing last week. Laptops on trolleys have started arriving with a total of 235 earmarked for delivery. This is just the start as WOWs are on their way too!

EMR Program Manager – Technology, Greg Horvat was proud of the effort it took to get the devices delivered on time, “This is the culmination of the research, audit and consultation that commenced in January 2018. We couldn’t have reached this terrific milestone without the input of a lot of people and I’m really thankful for their efforts to get us to this point.”

“Our consumers, Managers, clinical and non-clinical employees gave us their valuable insights into the products that would deliver a safe and seamless patient care experience within the workplace setting. The EMR Technical Team worked closely with Subject Matter Experts, the Clinical Application and Clinical Informatics Teams and our IT Team within Monash Technology Business Services to ensure a great end result was possible with our vendor partners HPA, ASI, CompNow and Cerner. We’re all really excited to see the devices already being put to good use for training, practise and familiarisation activities,” said Greg.

Check out the impressive Dandenong and Cranbourne devices ‘roll call’:

  • 524 new devices: WOWs/laptops on trolleys
  • 461 Windows 10 device upgrades in all inpatient clinical areas
  • 172 new printers
  • 37 Downtime Viewers
  • 100s of additional powerpoints installed
  • Wireless network access upgrade


Now that they’re rolling in, here’s how you can make the most of the devices:

  • Find out which devices are being delivered to your ward and how to safely use and maintain them here.
  • Familiarise yourself with devices at scheduled EMR Interactives and Ward Walkthroughs here.
  • Once you’ve completed your training you can use the devices to access the Practise Domain. Find out more here.


EMR device assembly

A ‘chorus line’ of Slimline WOWs in West 3