Clayton – your devices are here!

Clayton – your devices are here!

It looked like an army of ‘droid’ devices had infiltrated Monash Health recently, but it was the new EMR devices which have now been deployed at all our Clayton sites.

We’re thankful to you for accommodating the activity of the EMR Technical Team to get the Workstations on Wheels (WOWs), laptops on trolleys and accessories ready for you to Go-Live in your wards and work areas.

The great news about having the devices nearby is that they can be used in many familiarisation activities designed to get you Go-Live ready. This is something our Dandenong and Cranbourne teams agreed made a positive difference to their Go-Live experience.

Once you have completed your training you can use the devices to access the Practise Domain and practise your newfound skills. Find out more here.

You can become familiar with your devices and new workflows through EMR Interactives and Ward Walkthroughs, which are in full swing at Clayton. Check the details out on the Events page.

So don’t be shy, get familiar with the EMR through the devices, today!

We kindly request the devices are not moved from the ward and work areas they are deployed in and their accessories remain plugged in to ensure they are fully operational and ready for you at Go-Live.

EMR Interactive underway at Clayton