Allergies and ADRs on the EMR

Allergies and ADRs on the EMR

Prior to Go-Live 1, over 7,400 allergy and ADR records were manually migrated and documented in the EMR.

This involved a specialist team made up of Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists coming together to complete this important and exacting work – by hand!

The team focused on severe and life-threatening allergies and ADRs and those confirmed by an allergy specialist. This means you’ll see some patient allergies and ADRs documented in the EMR already.

When your site goes live, as per current practice, with every inpatient admission it is vital that these existing allergies and ADRs within the EMR are checked, confirmed and updated by you.

This way, when all sites are live we will have a single source of truth for all allergies and ADRs – the EMR.

Don’t forget to ask about allergies and ADRs (this includes food and environmental allergies) so that patients have their most up-to-date information on the EMR.