All eyes on EMR View Only training

All eyes on EMR View Only training

It’s official, the EMR View Only function has been called ‘great’ by employees who have used it at our Clayton, Casey, Moorabbin and Kingston sites.

When the EMR went live at Dandenong and Cranbourne, inpatient, critical care and perioperative patients had a record created for them.

Even if you work at a ‘non-live’ site, you can continue to provide safe and seamless care for patients who are now already on the EMR when they transfer to your ‘non-live’ site.

The ability to simply log onto the EMR View Only pages and access the most up-to-date information on existing patient records has been invaluable. No more waiting!

Before you can access records at the click of a mouse, complete your 60-minute EMR View only training today! All employees who provide patient care, are required to complete this training, so don’t wait any longer.

You can access the module, and associated quiz, via our online learning management system, LATTE. Instructions can be found in the Accessing EMR View Only via LATTE QRG.

For more details about your learning journey on the EMR, go to the Training page.